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Why ride?


Last Thursday, a fragile cease-fire went into effect. Israel agreed to loosen border restrictions with Gaza. HAMAS agreed to dismantle missile launchers used to bombard southern Israel. The picture above, showing the flexible uses for alternative forms of transportation, reminds me of a whole bunch of bike slogans:

Bicycles -
Working For A Better Planet

Cars Kill And Make You Ill

Cycling Soothes My Soul

Explore On Two Wheels

I Spend My Gas Money On Bikes, Beer, Pizza, And Donuts

Keep Driving Cars And We'll Keep Fighting Wars For Oil

Make Love, Not Cars

Make Love, Not Pollution

No Iraqis Bombed To Fuel This Vehicle

No Iraqis Died To Fuel This Bike

No Sovereign State Ever Invaded Another To Seize Their Bicycle Power

No War For Chain Lube

Speed Kills

Vehicle Of The Revolution

When Bicycle Wheels Turn It Must Be Revolution

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