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Get your tires now

"Rise early,
work hard,
strike oil."

John Paul Getty

While many of my comrades in the velotariat are positively gleeful about rising oil prices, they should remember that we are just as vulnerable to their impact. Oil is used in the manufacture of tubes, tires, and lubricants; not to mention those bright and shiny Lycra outfits. And so it isn't surprising that Michelin NA has announced that US market prices for bike tires will rise 15% come September. As Tyres & Accessories, UK explains:
US market prices for Michelin, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal passenger and light truck replacement tyres, plus those for private and associate brands, will rise by up to 12 per cent as of September 1. Michelin and BFGoodrich brand commercial truck tyres sold in the US replacement market will increase in price by as much as 8 per cent, also effective September 1. This price increase will also apply to Michelin Retread Technologies retreads, the company adds. On the same date motorcycle, scooter and bicycle tyre and tube prices will increase by up to 15 per cent on Michelin brand products sold in Canada, Mexico and the US. All two-wheel products delivered after August 31 will be invoiced at the new price.

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