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Slovenia rolls!

The former Yugoslav republic's Bicycle KRPAN is truly an alternative form of transport. It's a safe, economical, and green bike for moving light- to medium-weight goods. It's high quality components were carefully selected and built with an eye toward its primary users – Europe's postal workers.

Manufactured entirely in Slovenia, the KRPAN comes in various design options. Weighing in at 25kg it can carry up to 200kg. There's no news about when it might be available in the US, however.

The only model known to be in the US is owned by George Bush %( He was given it by Slovenia's prime minister, Janez Jansa. It was presented during Bush's recent farewell tour of Europe. Jansa is a bike-freak like Bush. He spends much of his free time on a carbon Black Gold XTR, a top level hardtail bike. It's a Cult Bike, the same company that produces the KRPAN.

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