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that which rolls

rolls again
with cyclealities

That's what gentlemen cyclists used to call the accessories (bells, lamps, cyclometers, pumps, bags, racks, etc., etc.) with which they adorned their lightweight steeds. Birmingham based Lucas Industries was perhaps the greatest manufacturer of cyclealities. Founded in 1872 by "King of the Road", Joseph Lucas, the lamp and oil company took advantage of the late 19th bike craze by producing bike lamps.

Though the dominant cyclealities company in Britain, Lucas never fully caught on in the US. The King of the Road was widely known as the Prince of Darkness after initial supply problems led to the rumor that that Lucas-equipped cars were electrically faulty.

But any self-resting British lightweight restoration is utterly incomplete without those little extras.

Fork-mounted lights, rather than the more common stem-mounted versions, provide excellent visibility of the roads and streets.

Water bottles and victuals jugs keep your sustenance handy.

And where else would you store
your touring books and maps?

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