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A grumpy old gentleman

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The Fat Lad just pointed me towards another fine example of gentleman cyclist. Tlatet - Riding the World of Grumpy Old Men, is the wonderful blog of Gom1. Hailing from the Thames Valley in the UK, he introduces himself as [a]s a well-rounded man in his mid fifties, with a sedentary lifestyle, a number of unhealthy habits, and little previous history of physical effort. That, I believe, is the epitome of velopunk. While fascinated by all things bike, it is the practical aspects of our worthy steeds that we appreciate most. With his, Gom1 is
working on eliminating grumpy old men, one at a time, starting with myself ... I am now trundling around on a bike trying to get into better shape. This is a record of how I am doing. I hope you enjoy my ramblings.
What results are posts full of nifty details, both current and historical, about rolling the hills and dales of Merry Ole England. One concerns the 1889 edition of The Roads of England and Wales, a must-have road book for both gentlemen and lady cyclists. Another describes a recent ride Gom1 took following in the wheels of Charles G. Harper who in 1909 wrote Cycle Rides Round London. He even reaches across the Channel to highlight biking in the era before Lycra and the safety razor. So I definitely encourage all velopunks out there to take a look at this fine gentleman's bike blog!

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