Bicycle Diaries: A February surprise?

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A February surprise?

a time of testing

Jason Sudeikis as Senator Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live:
Mark my words. If you take away nothing else from what I say here today, or indeed, in this entire campaign, remember this. If Barack Obama is elected, we will have a crisis. And when this crisis hits, and it will, in the second week of February, we may do some weird things. We may cede Florida back to Spain, or Alaska to the Russians. We may blow up every nuclear power plant in the country. We may set fire to Washington D.C.. We may round up all French-Canadians. But don't lose faith. It's all part of a plan. (see someone else in the crowd) Hey! There's Pat Reardon, a great assistant D.A. here in Greene County! Good to see ya, Pat!

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