Bicycle Diaries: A 20th century wagon train

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A 20th century wagon train

the family that
rolls together,
stays together!

On 1 May 1961, British Pathe presents GPO Clerk Jim Foster, his wife, and eight children rolling out of Ruskington in Lincolnshire. This cycling family, with 10 years experience in their saddles, typically hits the road with a collection of 14 bikes. But here, they've got a bicycle-built-for-4 with a baby-car and two 3speeds.

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Anonymous theboy said...

Delightful! Is this for real? What year?

7/11/08 17:31  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...


8/11/08 09:35  
Anonymous theboy said...

Oops. I guess it would help if I read the first clause in your post! Sorry.

There is something about this that just makes me laugh.

8/11/08 10:30  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...

Nope! You didn't miss the date. I added it after your comment. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy %-{)>

11/11/08 12:15  

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