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Pinoy traffic taming

those who have less in wheels
must have more in road

I've been to the Philippines 4 times now and for considerable amounts of time. Unfortunately, I've never had the cajones to get around by bike. Much of my work takes place well off the beaten track ... literally. It rains most of the time ... at least when I'm there. And like most Asian countries, kar kultur is king. I won't even get into how Pinoy cagers drive. However, the next time I go I just might be tempted. Philippines President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, recently issued Administrative Order 254. As part of her government's plans to cut fossil fuel use by 50% in two years, all major roads nationwide will be made more pedestrian- and bike-friendly.
The new paradigm in the movement of men and things must follow a simple principle: those who have less in wheels must have more in road. For this purpose, the system shall favor non-motorized locomotion and collective transportation system such as walking, bicycling and the man-powered mini-train.
Sounds like a step in the right direction but I've no idea what a man-powered mini-train might look like. Perhaps something like this?

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