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Bike facility of the month

stinging nettles
are bike-friendly?

Paul McMahon posted a fascinating
use of natural materials [by the UK's National Trust] to create this highly secure cycle parking facility that blends in seamlessly with the local landscape. The large bank of stinging nettles ensures that all but the most determined of thieves are deterred from attempting to gain access to the cycle stands.

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Anonymous Karl McCracken (twitter: @karlonsea) said...

Stating the obvious:

"Use it or lose it!" I'm sure the nettles weren't planted there, but without regular traffic, they are prone to grow.

Readers in some parts of the world (Oz for definite, and probably NZ and USA?) might not know what nettles are - they give you a stinging burning rash that's very unpleasant, and are the bane of all children in short trousers!

10/3/09 10:41  
Blogger Da' Square Wheelman, said...


Thanks for correcting my botanical Eurocentricism.

I wonder if the nettles are native to NZ & Oz or were inadvertent stowaways with the 1st European colonialists. I can't imagine anyone taking them along as reminders of the Old Country %-{)>

10/3/09 15:18  

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