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Why we bike?

Let me know!

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Blogger Snakebite said...

Well, if you (or in this case me) don't have a car, what else are you going to do?

2/6/09 06:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Random Stranger (at the ATM this morning): How far do you ride?
Me: Just until I get where I'm going.
RS:'re going somewhere...

Yep, that' why I ride! Val

2/6/09 13:22  
OpenID Mr danielo said...

Simple: FREEDOM. True freedom.

2/6/09 18:35  
Anonymous theboy said...

I bicycle because it makes me feel good, helps me engage with other people, lets me look at the trivial parts of the world around me and give them some significance, and sometimes substitutes and adventure for the normal to and fro.

2/6/09 20:44  
Blogger bother yam said...

Why not bike?

3/6/09 08:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can think up many reasons, but the core of it is that that is just what I do.

Haruki Murakami says the same thing about running.


3/6/09 09:26  

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