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Happy New Year!


It took me a while to realize two things about 2010. It not only marks the start of a new decade. It marks my first ten years in The Windy City! When I first got here I wasn't planning on staying that long. I had come with enough baggage to sink the Titanic. I had just given up on academe. I was newly divorced and a typical 1st post-divorce relationship was typically imploding. I wasn't all that sure where my future was going. The drift didn't bother me all that much though. This was the first big city I had ever lived in. I had a great job with enough money to enjoy the night life here. I travelled overseas for work quite a bit. I got to see India, China, Eastern Europe, and even Central Asia. These were certainly enough distractions to keep me occupied as one year became three. Then I found another job then another and the 1st three years became ten...

Slowly; almost too slowly for me to notice, I stopped drifting. I became rooted in my neighborhood - I've lived in the same apartment over the last decade. I made friends - perhaps the closest I've ever had. I came to think of this place as my home - perhaps for the first time since I moved away from the home of my awkward adolescence in Upstate New York. In a word, I think I've become a Chicagoan...

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Blogger Civilian said...

Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I am a Chicagoan as well, sometimes in exile...though...its a great city.

5/1/10 22:00  
Anonymous Terracotta Journeys said...

Thanks for this lovely cycling blog. Ride on!

24/1/10 09:46  
Blogger aaron said...

Ironic how this photo appears right after I dug it up .... :) Love It!

26/1/10 13:36  

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