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That to which we should all aspire

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From the Daily Mail on-line:
It was six decades ago that Owen Hook fell in love with the shining bicycle in his local department store window. But today, the Raleigh push bike is still going strong. Mr Hook, 72, who paid for the top-of-the-range, three-speed Raleigh bike in 36 monthly installments of just ten shillings (50p) 57 years ago, said yesterday that it showcased British craftsmanship at its best.
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Blogger aaron said...

I like it - was wondering if you had forgotten about your public too

12/2/10 13:37  
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Anonymous jacquie phelan said...

I have a red Raleigh 3 speed sprite, found on the sidewalk barely used, save for a pushed-back fork (hubby rpaird)'s my Sheldon-Brown-ConRED cycle (we had a sheldonian here on the west coast)...Love your blog--jacquie Phelan

22/12/10 14:05  
Anonymous Schwinn 430 said...

Wow! That is amazing that he still uses the bike this many years later. It looks to be in great shape, too.

20/5/11 23:03  

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