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Our Iraq adventure...

and it's tragic 9.11 milestone

Yesterday, the U.S. military reported
the deaths of six more American soldiers,
bringing the U.S. toll to at least 2,978
-- five more than the number killed
in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

To the right at the bottom of the Back Pedal column you'll find the LED counter for the mounting costs of our Iraq adventure. It's provided free by The National Priorities Project in Northampton, MA. Here's how you can embed it in your own web page.

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Blogger gwadzilla said...

this whole Iraq thing is a mess...

we could continue for another 15 years and not be ready to pull out

essentially it was a dormant hornets nest
bush whacked that nest with a stick
then he taunted and teased the hornets
making them angry
other hornets came from around the world
then merged into a strange mutant hornet
an evil hornet of hate that never existed before

we may want to just cut our loses
pull out our troops
and deal with things from there

it can happen sooner or happen later

I would prefer that it happen sooner with the halting of the death of our American Troops

I am not involved in Military Intelligence
in fact
I am not all that intelligent
not sure if I ever beat my brother at Risk

I can tell from here that this situation is messed up

I am against the war
but I am not against the troops

27/12/06 11:01  

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