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...across the
India - Pakistan border

Siddharth "Sid" Rajan started a unique trip last Saturday to promote peace between India and Pakistan. The 22 year-old engineering student is pedaling his unicycle from New Delhi to Lahore. Two friends of Sid and his sister are accompanying him on their bikes.

His parents are also part of his support team up to the Wagah border. Sid, who captained the Singapore unicycle national team, has set several long-distance uni-cycling records. Last year, for example, he rolled through Laos.

After the Ride4Peace, Sid will start preparing for roll from the North Pole to the South Pole. He will join the 23 other young people recruited by The Pole-to-Pole Leadership Institute. It's organizing the expedition to promote human powered transportation alternatives. Along the way the expedition members will participate in various humanitarian and environmental projects.

The expedition, which begins on 24 April, will depend on bikes, skis, feet to cover the 35,000 km. Each member will demonstrate the skills and endurance necessary for surviving 18 months worth of ice, sand, rain, as well as extremes in cold and heat. Sid will join the institute's Canadian training camp immediately after he arrives in Lahore.

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