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Berlin again a New York Times Op-Ed

Yesterday, conservative columnist David Brooks criticized calls for Senator Clinton to apologize for her vote supporting the Iraq War in 2003.
I mean, have the people calling for her apology actually read the speeches she delivered before the war? Have they read her remarks during the war resolution debate, when she specifically rejected a pre-emptive, unilateral attack on Saddam? Did they read the passages in which she called for a longer U.N. inspections regime and declared, “I believe international support and legitimacy are crucial”?
He then goes on to discuss what this might tell us about a Madam President Clinton using Berlin's well known distinction between foxes and hedgehogs.
When you look back at Clinton’s thinking, you don’t see a classic war supporter. You see a person who was trying to seek balance between opposing arguments. You also see a person who deferred to the office of the presidency. You see a person who, as president, would be fox to Bush’s hedgehog: who would see problems in their complexities rather than in their essentials; who would elevate procedural concerns over philosophical ones; who would postpone decision points for as long as possible; and who would make distinctions few heed.
Brooks must have been reading Berlin's Russian Intellectuals...

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