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our president rolls on!

Reuters and the Associated Press report today:
In an attempt to reverse his moribund foreign policy, George W. Bush made a surprise visit to China last week. With the Communist government voicing increasing opposition to bellicose US policies towards Iran, Bush grabbed his sunglasses, gloves and helmet to roll with six Chinese foreign ministry officials at the Laoshan Mountain Bike Course for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

With a jaunty wave to the solemn crowd of bureaucrats, Bush rolled off on his bomb-proof Trek mountain bike brought all the way from the US.
"Take it easy on the old man", Bush said as he furiously pedaled. He appeared absolutely sturdy in his loose-fitting navy bike shorts despite Thursday's maximum daytime temperature of 80.

"And an excellent rider, too", his Chinese cycling companions exclaimed after the ride. "He rides really fast, on flat and hilly roads alike", said 70-year-old Li Fuyu, Deputy Secretary for US Affairs. Though the President's drab black windbreaker was a sharp contrast to Fuyu's skintight red-and-yellow outfit, Bush's custom-made saddle was truly impressive.

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Anonymous Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

Hee, hee.

Very funny!

I especially love the Presidential Saddle. ;-D

In keeping with my own Cycling Humor theme, the last few days, I pointed my readers in your direction. ;-D

23/3/07 02:47  

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