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The Red Bicycle

The manufacture and sale of a Raleigh illustrates what it means to live in a developing country. Shot in Nairobi in 1971, this short film is a great reminder that the vast majority of people around the world still get around by bike.

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Blogger Fritz said...

Cool video.

One or two issues back the feature article in Bicycle magazine was about the use of bicycles for traveling health workers. Several groups donated several hundred bikes to these groups. Because of control freak local administrators, though, almost all of these bikes remained locked up in the shipping containers they arrived in. It's a total shame.

23/5/07 14:54  
Anonymous gledwood said...

Hi I hope you don't mind my borrowing your African bicycle oddysey for my random clips blog. I pile all sorts of interesting stuff in there. Of course I will give a link back to you ...
If you want to drop by have a click at my Throwing Pies at Flies - clip of the day. Or sneezing panda. Both are hilarious. All the best 2u
"Gledwood Vol 2"

23/5/07 16:09  

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