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Signs of spring

...road trash

One big sign here in the City of Big Shoulders is street sweeping. Our bike mayor sends out the hulking machines to tidy up the winter debris. I certainly applaud his efforts to continue the clean city legacy of his father, our first Mayor Daley. But street sweeping tends to concentrate lots of glass and other sharp objects along the curbs where most bikers roll.

Today's NYTimes reminded that we aren't the only rollers suffering "neat streets". Check out its article, Highway Debris, Long an Eyesore, Grows as Hazard.

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Blogger Jeff said...

I see a lot of CD's on the roadside while riding. People must chuck them out the window if they don't like songs anymore.

I was at the ocean a few weeks ago, and saw lots of plastic mixed in with the kelp on the beach. Plastic is out of control!

16/5/07 13:49  

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