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The end is near...

Chicago Critical Mass
it isn't the only thing
that's going to end

Cyclelicious has picked up the story here. At the same time, in a letter from 1704 (currently on display at Jerusalem's Hebrew University) Sir Isaac Newton uses the Bible's Book of Daniel to calculate the date for the Apocalypse.

He confidently stated in the letter that the Bible proved the world would end in 2060, adding: It may end later, but I see no reason for its ending sooner.

Newton, who died 280 years ago, wrote that
the end of days would see the ruin of the wicked nations, the end of weeping and of all troubles, the return of the Jews (from) captivity and their setting up a flourishing and everlasting Kingdom.

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Blogger Fritz said...

That looks like physician handwriting!

29/6/07 14:34  

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