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Late in 2004, Alvaro Neil decided to leave his job in Spain and spend his time giving smiles around the world ... by bike. He calls his project MOSAW, or Miles Of Smiles Around The World. What he does is perform as a clown wherever he ends up.

He first crossed 10 countries in South America, then returned to Spain and published his book Kilometres of Smiles. After that, he crossed the Straits of Gibraltar to Africa. After 415 days of travel, passing through 19 countries along some 19,000 km of bike unfriendly roads, he made it to South Africa in January 06. Along the way he performed for 100s and 100s of kids; in Tanzania, for example, he put on his act for over 3,000 refugees.

Neil is now in Cairo. He'll perform at the Alwan Wa Awtar Organisation in Muqattam as well as the St. Joseph College. He'll also give workshops for local clown wannabes. You can read his bicycle diaries at his website, Biciclown.

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