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Hillary's Bosnia war...

and why
it pisses me off

Embellishing wartime experiences is an ancient, if untrustworthy, tradition. Having spent the latter part of the Bosnia War in Tuzla, I remember many a late hour hearing graphic war stories from both local Tuzlans and refugees from Eastern Bosnia. Many even made their own grainy home movies of the war.

But when Hillary embellished her 1996 trip to Tuzla on the campaign trail, it really, really, really pissed me off. Not only does it smack of the worst kind of war tourism, it also insults the real experiences of the locals and internationals who fought daily just to survive.

As the monument to The 1995 Tuzla Massacre states:

Here you don't live

just to live

here you don't die

just to die

here you die

just to live.

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Anonymous Karl McCracken said...

No, what really got me was the response when her . . . exaggeration . . . was uncovered (didn't take too long either - what with the press & film crews being there to record her tourism). She tried to laugh it off, and then used that bastardised doublespeak phrase "I mis-spoke". My New English-Orwell dictionary defines that 'mis-spoke' as

"v.To tell a whopping great lie. e.g. 'We are interring this ethnic group in the Ghetto for their own protection'. See also, Nixon v., Pinocchiov., and Tescopoly n..

We all lie, all the time. But there's a world of difference between the "Yes honey, you look fine in that dress" white lies that we all tell, and the shear brazen size of this one. Shame on you, Hillary - for some reason we expected better, and compounding it with doublespeak makes it worse.

30/3/08 05:23  

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