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a Surrealist Map
of the World

A la Alfred Jarry, Surrealists in Belgium (re)imagined the world not along the lines of patriotic nationalism. Rather they made the point that where it dominates, ultimately all human intimacy is lost to power and profit. I wonder what the CBF Chicago Street Map would look like along similar lines?

Even more than patriotism – which is a quite commonplace sort of hysteria, though emptier and shorter-lived than most – we are disgusted by the idea of belonging to a country at all, which is the most bestial and least philosophic of the concepts to which we are all subjected... Wherever Western civilization is dominant, all human contact has disappeared, except contact from which money can be made – payment in hard cash.

Surrealist map of the world. (From Vanetes, Brussels, June 1929), p.183.

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