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What's in your neighborhood?

more than
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Criminal Searches provides the scary-but-useful data on how many crimes are committed in your neighborhood. It's all culled from public records, and is presented as a Google Maps mashup. You can restrict your search to sex offenders, search on a specific name to get a criminal history, or do a general search for criminals by city or ZIP code. This kind of data is certainly not for the faint of heart but can be useful in assessing the safety of your neighborhood.

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Blogger 2whls3spds said...

Use that site with a bit of caution. Public records are quite often flawed. FWIW I ran my current address and it shows nothing. Yet if you hit the NC Sex Crimes Registry shows several in the nearby area, however about 1/3 of those listed are for addresses in a trailer park that hasn't existed in over 5 years.

The best bet is to get to know you neighbors and to watch out for one another.


7/9/08 08:34  

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