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Keep buggering on, 70s style

from the BBC
in the wake of

a nuke attack

Last week, I got a comment about what KBO means; essentially Keep Buggering On. It's what Winston Churchill kept repeating during the dark years of WWII. He first started using it during the 1930s when his warnings about Hitler's intentions fell on deaf British ears. A more recent example was just discovered in the UK's National Archives. It appears that the BBC had a radio script prepared in the event of a nuclear attack on the country:
This is the Wartime Broadcasting Service. This country has been attacked with nuclear weapons. Communications have been severely disrupted, and the number of casualties and the extent of the damage are not yet known. We shall bring you further information as soon as possible. Meanwhile, stay tuned to this wavelength, stay calm and stay in your own homes ...
And my favorite bit:
Water must not be used for flushing lavatories: until you are told that
lavatories may be used again, other toilet arrangements must be made. Use your water only for essential drinking and cooking purposes. Water means life. Don't waste it ...
We shall repeat this broadcast in two hours' time. Stay tuned to this
wavelength, but switch your radios off now to save your batteries until we come on the air again. That is the end of this broadcast.

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