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April in Paris...

is never
the cruelest month

The City of Light starts to brighten. It rains, but not overly much. Les jonquilles bloom in the city's parks. For Parisians it heralds the opening of street cafes. For budget tourists it's not yet the high season. And in 1928, as Time Magazine noted then, Bicycles are as thick in Paris as hairs on a dog's back. This pithy description introduces a short piece on yet another speed test for bikes. As with other races here in the States le cycliste intrépide was up against the usual competitors.
In across-Paris race between a bicycle, an automobile, a subway passenger and a pedestrian, the bicyclist won—time 17 mins., 16 secs., distance about 6 miles.
I guess that's why April in Paris is also marked by the common expression,
No, thanks, I'm going to walk to the office as I haven't time to ride in an automobile.

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