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Road rage

...and a little justice

25 seconds in you'll see NYPD Officer Patrick Pogan knocked Christopher Long (pictured here) of his bike during last July's NY Critical Mass. Pogan then arrested Mr. Long on charges of attempted assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Thanks to this video and a good lawyer, David Rankin, the charges against Long were dropped in September. And on 15 December, New York grand jury indicted Pogan. Though the indictment remains sealed, according to the NYTimes City Room section, Rankin believes prosecutors will seek
felony charges of filing false records in connection with the police report that Officer Pogan filed after arresting Mr. Long. Officer Pogan, who was stripped of his gun and badge in July after the video emerged, also could be charged with a misdemeanor count of assault.

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Blogger WheelDancer said...

Accountability is a wonderful thing even though it's a pisser that it's required...

17/12/08 10:57  

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