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Why we bike - Part II

28 more answers!

Thanks to all who replied to last week's post, Why we bike? I've been painting a friend's third floor so I've had time to think about more answers to the question.Then I remembered Martino's Bike Lane Diary. A post from a couple of years back links over to The Bike Path Project at the University of Central Florida Environmental Management Department. Check it out!
1. Increase in local property values.
2. Correlation with Overall Wealth.
3. Less Public Money Is Needed To Create a High Quality Transportation System.
4. High-Tech Business Is Attracted by a Perceived Better Quality of Life
5. Improved Personal Finances
6. Better Physical Health
7. Better Mental and Emotional Health
8. Fewer Overweight and Obese Citizens
9. More Free Time
10. More Beauty
11. Greater Mobility
12. Inclusion of Senior Citizens
13. More Equitable Living for Low Income Earners
14. Increased Sense of Community
15. Individual Opportunities for Safer Travel
16. Less Congested Roads
17. Safer, Quieter Neighborhoods
18. More Resources for Public Use
19. Enhanced and More Credible Metropolitan Image
20. Better Air Quality
21. Visually More Appealing Metropolitan Area
22. Cleaner Surface and Ground Water
23. Quieter City
24. Slowed Pace of Global Warming
25. More Sustainable Lifestyle
26. Recognition for Leadership in Sound Environmental Policy
27. Readiness for Other Environmental Initiatives
28. Enhanced Quality of Life for Women

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Anonymous theboy said...

Wait! It was an exam? With answers and everything? Shucks.

(I would have studied if I had known.)

10/6/09 18:06  

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