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It's about the lycra

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Magda Szubansk, a comedienne from Down Under, caught a whole lot of guff from bikers after her rant against lycra-louts last September. To be quite frank, I agree with her up to the point where she starts calling for cagers to run them off the road. Fortunately, she realized that she'd gone over the top and apologised. But aren't the streets, everywhere in the world, dangerous enough without ramping up the rhetoric?

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Anonymous Ed said...

Glad to hear you've found a spokesperson, at least "up to [a] point." I can't see why you stick at the "run them off the road" bit, though. No punishment is too harsh for sweaty Lycra wearers, after all, particularly if they're actually using their bikes to get somewhere as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In any case, rest assured that I'll bear your new champion's well-chosen words -- and her prescription for harmony on the highways -- very much mind the next time I find some tweedy Copenhawg wobbling fecklessly along in the lane ahead of me, going nowhere in particular, with a minimum of forward speed and a maximum of ostentatious sartorial display. Pity I don't have a door to fling open as I pass, isn't it?

G'day, mate -- and thanks for opening my eyes.

16/11/09 11:08  

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