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It's been a crappy, cold, rainy, rainy April so far. And I haven't had much opportunity for rolling. It's not because I'm afraid of getting wet. Rather, the last few weeks have been taken up with international visitors; the latest of whom is my Belgian friend, Timothé. That's him in between me and Beaterbike Dave.

This is Timothé's first visit to the States. He annd I met when we were working on a UNESCO project in the Basque Region of Spain two years ago. While I've been working, he's been taking in the sites. Needless to say, he gets around. Like he met Richard M. at yesterday's celebration of a new US postage stamp commemorating Chicago baseball. Geez, he gets around, don't he???

And he's a fine photographer as well. These are from Strasbourg where he's studying political science:

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