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Iranians roll

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The Islamic Republic News Agency reports that a puppet theater group plans a biking tour to bring a message of peace and friendship to Europeans.
TEHRAN, January 13 - An Iranian theatrical group is planning to embark on a bicycle tour across Europe to stage a puppet show, named `Rainbow' and convey the Iranian people's message of peace and friendship to the world, IRNA reported.

The group called `Charpayeh' is scheduled to start the tour this spring and pass through 25 European countries. It will perform a mute musical puppet show outdoors.

`Rainbow' shows the early stages of the life of four human races willing to live in peaceful coexistence while demonic forces attempt to sow seed of discord among them, which results in armed conflicts. Eventually they listen to their inner voice, reconcile with each other and bury their guns. The playwright and director of the show, Ali Pour-Tabib said that in `Rainbow', the peace message of the Iranians will be conveyed to the people in a fully symbolic manner.

He believed that a free theater group can convey such a message in the most optimum way. "The plan for such a show was recently approved by the theatrical scripts council of the Theater Center of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).

"The group, which mainly aims to promote and display religious and peaceful culture of Iranians, will pedal through Europe in a symbolic way. Meanwhile, it will be accompanied with a wagon car," he added.

The playwright said that each of the bicycles represent the color of the human races residing on the globe. The tour expected to last between 90 to 100 days will start from Iran.

The theater group is scheduled to pedal through Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France, Andorra, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. From Azerbaijan, the performance group will pedal back to Iran through Armenia.

One of the interesting moves in this puppet show is the burial of the coffin containing guns on an open stage, while being accompanied by the audience. At the end of the tour, the coffin will be showcased in war museums of various countries.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

İranlılar Yola Çıkıyor Haber bu kez İran Haber Ajansı IRNA'dan geliyor.

İranlı bir tiyatro grubu, bisikletleriyle Avrupa'da gerçekleştirecekleri "Gökkuşağı" adını verdikleri bir kukla tiyatrosuyla, İran halkının barış ve kardeşlik mesajlarını gezecekleri 25 Avrupa Ülkesinde gösterecekler. Grubun turuna başlarken ilk durağı Türkiye olacak. 100 gün sürecek tur ile ilgili detaylı bilgi orjinal haber kaynağında.

15/1/07 14:30  

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